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Senor Tech's Solution for Yiros - Rodimus Kiosk

Self-Serve Kiosk for Food Retail

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About the Yiros Shop

The Yiros Shop is a family business based in Brisbane and Gold Coast, expanding rapidly from 1 shop to 12, and counting. It specialises in authentic Greek cuisine with fresh and tasty ingredients.


The Goal

  • Due to its increasing popularity, the Yiros Shop needed a self-serve kiosk to take off the workload of the counter staff.
  • As each store had different space availability, the Yiros Shop needed a solution to meet all their requirements and fit into every store.
  • Because of the nature of the yiros, the shop needed a fast-operating speed kiosk to handle the order modifications, such as extra tomato, no onion, extra sauce, etc.


Senor’s Solution

Fully-enclosed Rodimus Kiosk ( 21” PetaPOS A100 all-in-one Android PC + S-MM2D scanner + TP100 thermal printer + EFTPOS bracket)

Rodimus Kiosk Range
  • Tablet PC, scanner, and printer are fully integrated and enclosed in the Rodimus metal casing for a neat look and safe customer use.
  • All three configurations of Rodimus – Freestanding, Desktop, and Wall Mount – have been installed at various sites based on each store’s requirements, apace availability – and in the locations that would provide the most benefit to end customers in the flow of ordering.
21” Android-based PetaPOS A100
  • A large and crisp screen display was the best option for a self-serve kiosk.
  • Android operating system offers fast performance at a lower cost, suitable for a busy retail business.
Senor Tech's Solution for Yiros - Rodimus Kiosk
Senor Tech's Solution for Yiros - Rodimus Kiosk

The Results

  • Improved order accuracy
  • Decreased long queues, increased customer satisfaction
  • With the help of the self-serve kiosks, the Yiros Shop can continue providing quality food and expanding its business
Senor Tech's Solution for Yiros - Rodimus Kiosk

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