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A focus on quality & reliability.

Senor Tech is your trusted source for all your POS needs here in Brisbane. We offer the support you need to get back to growing your business with our high-quality products. You’ll feel the support every step of the way.

We partner with these amazing brands

We pride ourselves on our award-winning products

Touch Kiosks


With a range of options including freestanding, desktop or wall mounts alongside different screen sizes, we will deliver the perfect kiosk for any business.
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POS Systems


Choosing the right POS system is crucial for any successful business. We provide high-quality POS systems that ensure efficient and effective service every time.
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POS Peripherals


We provide high-quality POS accessories, including scanners, thermal printers, cash drawers, paper rolls and much more. Whatever additional products are needed, trust us to provide the solution.
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IPC Industrial PC

Industrial PC

Our Industrial Panel PC specialises in being able to operate fully in a range of environments and conditions, including high temperatures and is able to withstand exposure to dust, liquid or steam.
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Industrial Handheld Tablets

Industrial Tablets

You can be rest assured that we will provide the right hand-held POS device for any situation that allows your people to work or order freely and efficiently. We make it easy.
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Electronic Shelf Labels


Building a brand, influencing customer behaviour or simply to provide information, the dynamic visual experience that is provided by our digital signage will help put any business a step above the rest.
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Why trust Senor Tech?

Providing only the best products for customers

We focus on reliability and quality in everything we do. Our products can be relied on for everything a business needs.

We support you every step of the way

With technical support available throughout the week, we are committed to being there for every step of the journey to ensure a smooth and great experience.

Australia's trusted source of POS solutions for over 20 years

As your local team based in Brisbane, we have the knowledge and experience to provide support for anyone or any product.

Exceptional customer service

Our customer service doesn't end once you receive the product. If there are any issues, we can provide fast and helpful technical or on-site support.

Wide range of products to meet any need

We pride ourselves on providing a large range of products to suit any business or potential customer. We can even provide parts for products that have been discontinued.

We go the extra mile

Whatever the problem or need, we will go the extra mile to ensure that the people we interact with leave knowing that they have a solution.

Frequently asked questions

Below are some of our most frequently asked questions. You can always get in touch with our friendly team for advice or guidance.

Is it possible to get onsite service?
Senor Tech works closely with technicians in many areas of Australia. Give our sales team a call to ask about our rates.
Where is my POS unit serial number located?
How do I return a unit for repair?
Fill out our RMA form and submit the form. Our service team will then contact you with an RMA number, attach the RMA form with the RMA No onto the box, pack unit into Senor original packaging or similar box with protective packaging material. Send to Senor. Please note Senor takes no responsibility for any damage caused by improperly packaged units**.
Can I fit my own spare parts?
Senor Tech requires all parts to be fitted by qualified technicians to maintain warranty status. Using unqualified technicians will void the warranty of the unit and the parts provided.  
What can I use to clean the unit?
All senor units can be cleaned with a soft damp cloth and glass cleaners.  
I’ve lost a cable for my unit, can I fit a new one?
Most cables in Senor units are specific cables that have been rigorously tested and conform to the highest standards. Before replacing any cable relating to your unit please call Senor to check the cable is suitable.  
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